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The nominating committee of Pastor Dale Weatherspoon, Dominique Roache-Green, Brandon Mercer and Judy Bendix interviewed six candidates for the Board, and recommend the following four individuals for election to the Board [update: The new Board Members have been approved via Zoom Meeting as of Sunday, March 6, 2022]

Fayza Ayyad

Ms. Ayyad served on the GRIP Board previously, with her last term ending in 2018. She is an active GRIP volunteer, having volunteered at GRIP for over 19 years. She has a passion to help people, to mediate conflict, and with her husband, cooks and feeds the poor, unsheltered and hungry people. She is interested in serving on the social justice committee.

Tianna Hicks

Ms. Hicks was a resident of GRIP on two separate occasions with her children, including her son Najee Harris. She is serving as VP for her foundation Da’ Bigger Picture. Having lived through homelessness, she can relate to the challenges and needs of families having to navigate and transition out of homelessness. She is interested in helping with fund development and developing programs for GRIP clients. Ms. Hicks works in the medical field.

Winfred Alon Mitchell

Mr. Mitchell has donated food and clothing to GRIP and has distributed food for GRIP. He is interested in using his skills to help GRIP clients meet their challenges. He serves as an officer of the Moose Lodge, and was the president of elementary and middle school PTA’s. He presently works as a mentor at King Elementary through Pease Makers Inc. and also acts as a motivational speaker/mentor, develops video productions, does fundraising, cooking and more.

Patrick Sanders

Mr. Sanders has an affiliation with GRIP through Chevron employment, and recently toured the facility with Pastor Weatherspoon. He is a 13-year member of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, and served as a mentor at Trinity Barber Shop in Pascagoula MS, and volunteered at Deborah Washington Soap Box Derby in Pascagoula. He has an MBA and is interested in serving on the Finance committee and using his skills in problem solving and finance to help GRIP. He works for Chevron in Richmond.