The dining room is a pivotal part of life. It’s where we share meals, make big plans, and talk about our day. It’s where stories get passed down from grandparents to grandchildren, where we learn manners, and where we learn to laugh as a family. That’s why having a dining room that feels like home is so important to our families and guests at GRIP.  Plastic folding tables just aren’t the same as a real table. Now, thanks to generous donations from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, the Richmond Rotary Club, and Sims Metal that dream has become a reality.

Since our initial post about the need, the community has come forward to deliver, not just tables, but chairs, warmers, and literally, the kitchen sink.  The Rotary Club provided the initial $2,000 in funding, and Sims Metal, a major Harmony Walk donor, stepped in to make up the gap to $10,000, and finally the Latter-day Saints said, well, why not improve the chairs too, and added to the donations to elevate the experience.

The public is always welcome at lunch, but special tours will be given at this year’s upcoming Harmony Walk on October 28th, starting at Nicholl Park and walking over to GRIP.

The new tables and chairs will be brought in over the next several weeks.

Our current tables:

Our new tables thanks to your support: