If Saturday’s amazing Harmony Walk inspired you to get more involved and share your gifts with our residents and our community, then you should join us Friday night — in costume — for Trunk or Treat! The annual Halloween tradition at GRIP is 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.  in the parking lot at 165 22nd Street in Richmond, California.

If you want to just donate candy, bring it by during the week. We’re happy to take candy donations – we can never have too much.  If there’s extra we give it out as a treat in our bagged lunches.

The real fun is showing up with your car, in costume, and handing out candy from your trunk. The weather looks to be perfect, so go big on the decorating if you feel inspired!

Got questions? You know where to find us. (510) 233-2141.

Be sure to share on social media and let people know what GRIP is doing.

Here’s a handy poster our amazing Damonique “Damo” Tupuola created!

And, while we’re thinking about holidays, it’s never too early to sign up to volunteer to serve on Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Just call and reserve a slot for you, your family, or your faith organization, office, or other group. (510) 233-2141.

GRIP cares, thanks to your care.