This year has seen so much positive change at GRIP, and in our community. Donations from the community, our member organizations, community groups, local businesses, corporate sponsors, grants, and government programs allow the Greater Richmond Interfaith Program (GRIP) to care for 15,000 people facing food insecurity and housing insecurity in the West County region of Contra Costa County and Richmond.  December 31st, 2022, is your last opportunity to donate and have it count for this year’s tax deductible donations, and if you itemize, this can really make a difference on the taxes you owe, by making a difference in your community.

As you close out the year, and reconnect with friends and family, maybe you’re having a beer or a coffee or a bottle of wine with an old friend.  Think of the cost of a beer plus tip, maybe $12.  That would make an excellent donation to GRIP as well. Think of the cost of a cup of coffee at Peet’s or Catahoula that you might share with your old college classmate who’s in town this week. Match that cup of coffee by giving 5 to GRIP at the same time!

Do you enjoy eating out?  A meal at a nice restaurant might run $150.  $150 for GRIP can feed dozens of people and is tax deductible. Thinking about donating, but not sure you can give money right now? How about share this article on social media and remind your friends? Maybe their donations would triple what you can give.

Every person who donates is a part of the GRIP team and helps build a community of caring. Thank you for all you do for GRIP and for our community.  Our clients are finding homes and enjoying a warm meal because of your generosity.