By now, we hope everyone who knows GRIP also knows the 36th annual Harmony Walk is October 22nd, from 9am-12p, with the walk to GRIP and the 5K race starting at 9:30 a.m. sharp. What you may not know is WHY you should go.  We can fix that. (Register here.)

Sure, the Harmony Walk is a fundraiser, and we appreciate you supporting our main sponsors, Chevron, Kaiser Permanent, Sims Metal, and Mechanics Bank who are bringing in so much to GRIP through their generous donations. We also want to thank our media sponsors, Audacy Radio, Disney (ABC7), and the San Francisco Chronicle and SFGATE.  The point of the walk, however, is not just to raise money. It is GRIP’s single most high profile event of the year.  It’s a time for YOU to come see what WE are doing.

At 9:30 a.m. the walk will begin taking you to the 65-person shelter where you can participate in a tour of all the new things happening at GRIP, both outside, and inside. You’ll also walk through our community and see the conditions that many families live in, and why we provide them with lunch, showers, mail service, and placement services. When you come back to Nicholl Park after touring GRIP, you’ll hear from our leaders, our mayor, our new executive director, and community groups about all the amazing things happening.

Oh, and did we mention we have some AMAZING raffle prizes, including dinners, a bike, gift baskets, and yes, tickets to a world-famous amusement park in Southern California courtesy of one of our board members.

GRIP has been serving 7500+ meals each month, 200+ showers, and countless other services. Take a look at the growth over the summer. You can see the need is great.GRIP August report on showers, mail, meals, and services for the homeless and hungry of Richmond

See everyone there! Be sure to register here to save time on Saturday the 22nd.