As you got ready for your day today, you probably didn’t think about that tube of toothpaste or the soap in the shower. But we do. Our bins are running empty. Toothpaste. Kids’ toothbrushes. Lotion. We don’t even have a bin for deodorant because we never get enough donations to put them in a bin.
Yes, people experiencing homelessness appreciate the same things you do. A nice smelling bar of soap. Clean teeth. Deodorant. Feminine products. A clean towel. Maybe even a duffle bag to keep their possessions in.
“Go ahead and buy that big Costco pack of toothbrushes or deodorant. Keep one for yourself, and bring the rest to GRIP along with your sandwiches.”
On this past Sunday, around 2 p.m., volunteers and staff George and Lou were at the door, handling any walkups that might need something.  George took us through the Care Center closet to see what was most needed.
There are only two old sleeping bags on the shelf to give to those who need one.
The bin of blankets is half empty, and these aren’t very thick, so if you were out on a 40-degree morning, you’d probably want 2-3 of them.
The Care Center is the lesser-known part of GRIP that really connects beyond just food. As folks line up for lunch, they can also ask for a jacket, some socks, or maybe some toothpaste.  There are showers and even a washer, but no dryer yet. (If you have one that works, we’d love to hear from you about donating it.)
While GRIP appreciates and needs your financial donations, don’t forget to buy an extra pack of socks. Go ahead and get that big Costco pack of toothbrushes or tampons. Keep some for yourself and bring the rest to GRIP along with your sandwiches each month.